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The future of social media will deliver privacy choice control

SOCIETY2 is a decentralized social media framework, putting you back in control of your data and communication.

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What is SOCIETY2?

We are building a privacy-focused framework for identity, messaging, file storage, content creation and payments.

Our tools will enable you to create a social identity, which you securely own and control, allowing you to store personal information, communicate with friends and networks, and publish content to various social apps.

Secrets on SOCIETY2

As a first step on our journey, we built a secure messaging app which allows you to create a digital identity and send encrypted messages to and from other people.

Send messages in a private (1:1) or group (many:many) chat by adding more participants, the choice is yours.

Our Mission

To provide people choice over when and how their data is shared using social media; and control of their digital identity, communication and connections.

The benefits SOCIETY2 will bring to your social media experience

Complete Privacy

You choose the privacy level. No more middle-men leveraging your personal data without you even having a say.

Identity Ownership

Be your own publisher. The technology which underpins SOCIETY2 provides an ID that you own and is portable.

Unrivaled Control

You are in control, of your content, whether you see ads, of your followers, connections or friends and family.

Enhanced Productivity

Choose 'ad free' and find yourself using platforms and apps which improve productivity, without distraction.

Feeless Payments

Feeless transactions enable new revenue sharing models, sending money to friends or tipping creators.

Platform Choice

With content, connections and identity ownership, you can move between many platforms or create your own.

How It Works

We are working on extending decentralized technologies to serve as a tool chest of social media functions.

A library of events, common across all social media, can be abstracted out, for use in publishing content. Many types of sites and apps can be quickly instantiated.

Central to SOCIETY2 is the notion of decentralized identity. Rather than recreating the same identity on many social media platforms, you will only need one identity. This identity can then be shared, in part or whole, with many different platforms using our framework.


Tech we use to develop and support SOCIETY2

How is it different from what we
already have?


No privacy, no choice, no control, financial lockout.

Data is siloed (only available to the one platform). You are locked-in. You can’t control your identity or data.

No privacy. A company knows your entire life and all of your personal details, which can be exploited.

Profit is made off of your identity and content, without your consultation, nor financial consideration.

No choice. You abide by a platform’s capricious heavy handed rules or complete lack of moderation.

Algorithms and AI forced on users to increase your screen time and serve you as many ads as possible.


Real privacy, own and control your data, freedom.

Data is stored leveraging distributed systems. Everything is portable. You only manage one global identity.

You explicitly and easily choose your level of privacy. If it is marked private, it genuinely, cryptographically, is.

You choose if you want ads. Micropayments allow profit sharing and other fair revenue splits if you opt in.

Platforms cater to you. Choose one that fits you or make your own easily from a menu of templates.

View social feeds chronologically without a filter or use rules that you choose to improve the experience.


Communication, whether social, professional or political, is a critical lubricant in the cogs of society. Social media allows us to communicate, share ideas and express ourselves through online communities. It is crucial that we own the data and identities used to converse and collaborate over social media, so that no one platform decides the fate of our voices.

SOCIETY2 has been inspired by the ecosystems and applications made possible by leveraging decentralized technologies, such as IOTA and IPFS. Our objectives are simple, we want to enable choice and control for social media users. Our aim is to put the user back in control of their digital identity, communication and connections. We are a small, growing team with big aspirations.

SOCIETY2 in the media

Meet the team
Photo of Ben Royce in black and white

Ben Royce

Chief Executive Officer

Ben has a Master of Arts in Media, Culture, and Communication from New York University. He spent many years as a programmer in New York City in the finance and healthcare industries.

Photo of Markus Kuhlmann in black and white

Markus Kuhlmann

Chief Technology Officer

Markus has a M.Sc. in Physics from the Ruhr-Universität Bochum and is finishing his PhD thesis. He has 5+ years experience in programming and IT infrastructure and works as an IT-Consultant.

Photo of Joseph Skewes in black and white

Joseph Skewes

Chief Operating Officer

Joseph has worked in technical and leadership IT roles over the past 12 years and prior to that in banking. His involvement in past startups brings experience raising capital, media relations and other operational activities.

Photo of Sebastian Buchweitz in black and white

Sebastian Buchweitz

Head of Front-End Development

IT consultant, developer, trainer and project manager with 10 years industry experience. A self-motivated and a dedicated IT perfectionist, his core expertise is front-end development, networking and IT-security.

Wyn Tiedmers

Head of Visual Design

Wyn is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer based in Berlin. He is experienced in illustrating different topics from tech to politics and assists many clients with their branding and visual identity.

Woman's profile with question mark over face

Could this be you?

Our team is growing

We are looking for skilled developers, experienced in Javascript and Rust, to help us build the next phase of SOCIETY2. If you are interested in what we are doing and want to be involved, get in touch.

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