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Privacy-focused messenger keeps your secrets

SOCIETY2 launches Secrets, a messenger app which runs in the browser, bringing freedom and privacy to online communication

Read MoreOctober 28, 2020

The Social Dilemma highlights a need to own your digital life

How social media is manipulating your thoughts and behavior

Read MoreSeptember 11, 2020

Why do we need decentalized social media?

Exploring the problems with traditional social media

Read MoreJuly 6, 2020

A proposal for decentralized social media via IOTA’s Tangle

Introducing the SOCIETY2 Framework

Read MoreJune 23, 2020

Decentralized social media running on IOTA

Ben Royce presents SOCIETY2's vision for the future of social media

Read MoreMay 27, 2020

Building the future of social media

SOCIETY2 launch their website, vision and announce development has started on the future of social media

Read MoreMay 5, 2020