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SOCIETY2 launch their website, vision and announce development has started on the future of social media
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The team at SOCIETY2 has begun work on what they see to be the future of social media. Their decentralized social media (DeSM) framework will enable a new standard in privacy, control and interoperability between social media platforms, benefiting the end user and ushering in a new competitive landscape for social media platforms aiming for user adoption.

SOCIETY2 is building on top of IOTA Streams, a framework for cryptographic applications being developed by the IOTA Foundation, which will enable content to be seamlessly encrypted and distributed between users and platforms using the SOCIETY2 framework. In conjunction with other new technology being developed for the IOTA distributed ledger, such as decentralized identity, the SOCIETY2 framework will enable a level of control for social media users and platforms which hasn’t previously been possible.

This week the team at SOCIETY2 launched their website, which outlines the high level vision and benefits that they see their framework ultimately delivering for users of social media (content creators and consumers), as well as social media platforms.

Development of the SOCIETY2 framework is underway with an expectation that an early prototype will be available for community feedback by Q3, 2020.

Head of Project for SOCIETY2, Ben Royce, says that SOCIETY2 will enable privacy and control that is not currently available to social media users.

“Over the past 15 years social media has become a cornerstone of our lives. Unfortunately, it comes at a cost to our privacy, control over our personal data and choice about where we get the information about the world around us and who we trust. These are some of the key problems that we are aiming to solve with SOCIETY2,” Royce says.

Head of Operations for SOCIETY2, Joseph Skewes, says that he is excited by the opportunity ahead for SOCIETY2 given there is not yet mainstream adoption of decentralized social media frameworks, protocols or platforms.

“There has been no mainstream adoption of decentralized social media to date. One of the largest DeSM services that exists has only several million users (with less than two million of them active). To us, that suggests that these other platforms aren’t (yet) solving a large enough problem. We expect wider adoption may come when mainstream platforms realize the benefits that using a decentralized standard can bring. Twitter is one platform showing an interest and recently started funding independent research into standards which may suit the future use of Twitter,” Skewes says.

Alongside developing the SOCIETY2 prototype, they are currently looking to expand their team and welcome expressions of interest from developers and designers with relevant experience and an interest in social media and distributed ledger technology.





For further information contact:

Ben Royce – Head of Project
Joseph Skewes – Head of Operations

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