We’re here to help you take back control of your online discussions.

Let the conversation flow.

We noticed

Have you noticed social media has become less about meaningful conversations & more about one-upmanship, between people, & even by a platform over its users?

We are bringing back a feeling of community, authenticity & ownership to online discussions.

Your identity

We bring your social presence to life with IOTA’s digital identity, which puts you in control of your content & communication. Without a traditional ‘account’, you can’t be deplatformed.

Our proposal

  • Instead of one giant melting pot of people, where anyone can write to anyone, we propose a decentralized social media experience where you choose whose messages you want to see.

  • We will help you with discovering new content & growing your network by recommending 2nd/3rd degree contacts for you to follow.

  • With an ability to publish different message types & public lists, we can provide an opportunity for creators, writers and curators to form communities on any topic imaginable.

Own your digital speech

1️⃣ Publish messages to your followers and a public feed. Tag it with a topic by including a hashtag.

2️⃣ Choose to dock messages from those you follow, tagged with a topic, in a channel.

3️⃣ Your feed is a canvas to display chronological messages from everyone you follow or a selected channel.

4️⃣ Follow suggestions are recommended via your 2nd/3rd degree network when they write about your favorite topics.

Your choice

Your messages, identity and data are stored on a decentralized infrastructure or your own device. You choose who to follow (or block), what conversations you participate in, and how you engage with others on the platform.

Feed / Channels

With the ability to view all messages from those you follow in a single feed or to split them into channels by topic (for tagged messages), Flow has it’s own unique behavior. We’re bringing something new to social media, we put you in control.

Join the discussion

Flow is in the early stages of planning & development. We look forward to inviting you to create an identity once the product is ready.

In the meantime we would encourage you to accept this invite to join our Discord server. There you can provide input into its production & help us build a truly amazing social experience.