Join the team

SOCIETY2 was established in 2020 as a passionate group of individuals rallied around an idea, forming a team to solve some of the biggest problems we see with social media today.

Using cutting-edge, decentralized technologies, such as IOTA and IPFS, we are building a privacy-focused, open source framework for identity, messaging, file storage, content creation, payments, and exchange of digital assets (e.g. NFTs). On top of that framework we are building our own products, such as Secrets (MVP stage) and Flow (concept stage).

We are looking to expand our team with individuals who share our passion for this space and who want to join the fast paced, exciting world of startups. If that sounds like you, read on 👇

What we are looking for

In the future we look forward to expanding our team with roles beyond the basics, but right now we are looking to increase our development capacity with backend and frontend developers.

Ideally we are looking for those with demonstrable experience (i.e. tell us about the products you’ve built or projects you’ve been involved with).

Our team is already remote, so you can be located anywhere and come from any type of diverse background. We are seeking applicants who are self-starters, and who can work collaboratively in an online, team environment.

Strong experience with Javascript and libraries used in web apps. Experience with decentralized technologies, such as IOTA and/or IPFS would be highly regarded. You would be working closely with our CTO, Markus, to develop the core technology behind our framework and products.

Strong experience with Javascript and libraries used in web apps. Strong experience with a complimentary frontend framework, UI, and UX. You would be working closely with our CTO, Markus, and our Head of Visual Design, Wyn, to bring our products to life.

What we offer

We’re a bootstrapped startup, driven by a group of founding team members who are fueled by passion. In other words, we can’t pay a salary 😉, yet.

So we are offering you an opportunity to change the world and compensation by way of earning equity. Our aim is to secure investment and provide a salary in the future.

We offer flexible work arrangements with an expectation you are contributing 10-20 hours per week and we are ok with you doing this around other work commitments.

Sound interesting? Get in touch

We don’t need you to spend time putting together a long cover letter or a rigorous CV that details your entire working career. Instead we’d rather a couple of paragraphs introducing yourself.

Tell us what interests you about what we are building at SOCIETY2, provide some background on your experience, and a link to your git repository or LinkedIn profile.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you 🙂